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JEOL (Germany) GmbH
Gute Änger 30
D-85356 Freising
Phone: +49 8161 9845-0
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E-Mail: JEOL-ARM@jeol.de

Welcome to the JEOL ARM-Owner-Group

The first installation of the JEM-ARM200F was completed in February 2010. Now today, more than 100 units of this Transmission Microscope have been purchased worldwide. And still the JEM-ARM200F is one of the most advanced top performance Transmission Microscopes available. The aim of the JEOL ARM-Owner-Group is to optimize what is possible with these instruments, to share experiences, exchange ideas and inform among each other about leading edge science in relation with their microscopes.


Topic Overview

ARM-Owner-Group Experiences

Here you have the possibility to participate actively in the JEOL ARM-Owner-Group to share tips and experiences. Additionally you have the chance to ask other users questions about the JEOL-ARM and furthermore the wide field of microscopy. To use the community you have to log in.

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Application Experiences
with the JEOL-ARM

Here you have the possibility to show all members of the JEOL ARM-Owner-Group your application results. Only for JEOL ARM-Owners with correct log in.

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Solutions for Innovation

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